Freebie Apps

Along with VDMX, we publish several free utility applications that visual artists on the Mac may find useful. Developers may also want to read more about our various open source and open standards projects.

AVFBatchExporter: A batch exporter for converting movie files from one format to another. Includes support for the Hap video codecs and file renaming.

ISF Editor: Create interactive GLSL based generators and FX filters in the ISF format to use in VDMX and other supported software.

Black Syphon: Connects Blackmagic input and output devices to other software over Syphon.

GifToSyphon: Live search and download from giphy and play to Syphon.

ProjectMilkSyphon: Based on the classic MilkDrop music visualizer this app creates sound reactive visuals from an audio input to your computer such as a built-in microphone or line in and can be mixed into your favorite VJ software over Syphon.

OSCTestApp and MIDIviaOSC: Useful tools for working with MIDI and OSC.

Used for sending test signals and monitoring incoming OSC messages.

Send MIDI messages over a network as OSC.