How to get VDMX stickers!

Hey everyone!

We've just arrived back from Mapping Festival where one of the highlights was getting to see visual artists and VJs of all levels from around the world learning new skills not just from the workshop instructors, but also from each other. Everyone openly shared their experiences and techniques using all kinds of software and hardware tools video production and live performance.

The first box full of VDMX logo stickers!

It was also our first chance hand out our new VDMX logo sticker design. Seeing people excitedly applying them to their laptops, bags, notebooks and other random gear was absolutely humbling.

To share this new vinyl goodness with everyone who couldn't make it to the festival we'd like to announce our new totally free “Stickers for Meetups” exchange program.

The idea is easy:

  1. Organize a meetup or workshop for visual artists in your city.
  2. Share the details online for people to RSVP (Facebook, EventBrite, Meetup, etc)
  3. Email us a link to the page and a shipping address for us to mail the free stickers to.

You can host anything from an informal coffee shop gathering to a full workshop, hackathon or jam session. Schools and other organizations that teach classes are also eligible, just send us an email!

Once you receive the stickers, bring them to your meetup and hand them out to people who show up. Use it as an opportunity to exchange your knowledge about VDMX with people who are experts with other tools.

Bonus points if you send us photos from the event to include in our image gallery showing off possible uses for your stickers!

And don't forget that you can also order your own VDMX coffee mugs, available in standard and high-defination models.

Bundle Deal, VDMX + Livid OhmRGB = Save $300

Hey Everyone!

Back in September we ran a special two-week promotional deal with MIDI controller maker Livid Instruments featuring a bundle to save $300 when buying VDMX and the OhmRGB together through the Livid Online Shop.

Since the deal ended we heard from a bunch of people who missed out, and after unofficially sending out a few coupon codes, we've decided to go ahead and officially extend the offer through the end of the year!

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History of the *spark d-fuser with Toby Harris and D-Fuse

Over the last few years one of the more interesting projects we've been following in the hardware side of VJing has been the development of the *spark d-fuser video mixer. Started as a tool for pioneering audio-visual group D-Fuse, it is now available to buy direct, shipped from stock. To celebrate this retail release we're joined by Toby, it's creator, for a special guest tutorial with tips for VDMX users.

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