Bundle Deal, VDMX + Livid OhmRGB = Save $300

Hey Everyone!

Back in September we ran a special two-week promotional deal with MIDI controller maker Livid Instruments featuring a bundle to save $300 when buying VDMX and the OhmRGB together through the Livid Online Shop.

Since the deal ended we heard from a bunch of people who missed out, and after unofficially sending out a few coupon codes, we've decided to go ahead and officially extend the offer through the end of the year!

Along with extending the bundle offer we've worked it out with Livid such that anyone who already bought a license of VDMX can get a special rate on the OhmRGB, and likewise anyone who purchased an OhmRGB [within the last 12 months] can email us to get a discount on a license of VDMX.

In other words, if you're a VJ using VDMX looking to add a MIDI controller to your rig, this might be a good time to check out some of our tutorials and templates featuring the OhmRGB, or if you are a musician looking to add visuals to your performances, go study up on the basics.

More information about the bundle offer can be found at the Livid Online Shop!