Kalma's VJ and 3D Mapping Workshops

One our favorite questions for people who have been using VDMX is to ask them how they would show it to someone who has never used it before and we are especially excited to see how teachers are introducing the software in classrooms and workshops. Everyone learns best in a different way and it is always helpful for us to see new approaches to VJ techniques. Last week we were joined for a guest tutorial by Kalma who showed off an example of how to get started with VDMX and for this post we are excited to get more information about the artist behind the workshops.

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Dan Tombs live with Gold Panda

To be filed under artist profiles that have been a long time coming is Dan Tombs who has in his time as a visual artist worked with more musicians and bands than I have fingers and then some. One of the things that we love about his setups are the usage of analog equipment as part of the setup and we've asked him to fill us in on everything from how he got started with video, what gear he's collected over the years and all about his most recent collaboration with Gold Panda.

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Music Video Feature: Uncle Skeleton's “Jeux” by MKAV

This past week in our inbox was a link to an amazingly beautiful abstract music video for the song Jeux off Uncle Skeleton's new album Cocoa Beach.

The visual artist who collaborated on this project was Mike Kluge (MKAV), an audio/visual artist living in Nashville, TN who works on freelance projects such as music videos, live visuals, art installations, interactivity, and content for tours told us a bit about how it all came together.

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Would you like to take a survey?

Hey everyone!

We've been working on VDMX for several years now and we'd love to get to know some more about the people who are performing with it and how it is being used in the real world.

There are currently two very short surveys that you can take.

The first is for general VDMX related topics: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/vdmx_survey1

The second is for specifically for the Hap video codecs: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/hapcodecs_survey1

While these surveys won't tell you which character from your favorite TV series you are (Willow) or what your favorite color is (probably blue?) but it will give us some useful information that'll help us decide what to focus our efforts on in the coming months.

Thanks very much for your time!

Graffmapping in NYC

Every week we receive emails from people who want to share their work with us (keep it coming!) and a few days ago Graffmapping sent us a link to this video showing off their recent exploration into merging the ideas from video mapping and graffiti to project visuals in public spaces.

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January 2017 Back to School Sale

Once again we're excited to be running a sale on VDMX for students heading back to school over the next few weeks with an extra 100 USD off; and we're also excited to extend this same discount to all customers!

But hurry, sale ends January 30th, 2017.

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The Fantastic Work of Wiley Wiggins

Today we're joined by the fantastic Wiley Wiggins who in addition to working as an actor and animator for film (of Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, Computer Chess fame) AND as an interactive designer (currently working on an adventure game called Thunderbeam), is also an amazing visualist. For this post Wiley has written up his history of getting into performing live visuals and how things have changed in just the last few years as technology rapidly changes.

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VIDVOX Workshops at Mapping Festival 2016

Next week we'll be heading to Geneva to join Mapping Festival to teach a few special workshops and presentations.

If you'll be in town for the festival we'd love to get a chance to say hi! Leave a comment below or send us a message to let us know who to look out for, or just show up at one of the events listed below.

On Wednesday, 4th May:

VJing: WTF is it? – a brief history and introduction to the world of VJing and its related fields.

On Thursday, 5th May:

VDMX Master Class – a two part class that will cover the basics of performing, producing and manipulating visual media with VDMX and advanced tips for pro users.

Writing ISF Shaders For Live Visuals – for this class we will look at the possibilities offered by the GLSL coding language to create live visuals (some examples can be seen on sites like interactiveshaderformat.com and shadertoy.com).

ProjectMilkSyphon – Free MilkDrop Music Visualizer to Syphon App For VJs

ProjectMilkSyphon is a free app to create sound reactive visuals from an audio input to your computer such as a built-in microphone or line in and mixed into your favorite VJ software over Syphon.

This tool is possible thanks to the projectM community who did all the years of hard work that are behind this project and generously made it available under the terms of the LGPL.

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VIDVOX at VJ London April 2016 Meetup and Showcase

If you happen to be in London next weekend we'll be joining VJ London for a special meetup to talk about VDMX. They've also lined up some excellent AV sets of local talent to keep us entertained!

The event will be on 10th April 2016 starting at 7:30 PM at the Westbank Gallery (3-5 THORPE CLOSE London W10 5XL GB) – see flyer below, VJ London website and facebook for more details.

Hope to see lots of you there!


Open Source At VIDVOX

In addition to VDMX and several related free utility applications, one of our major focuses at VIDVOX is open source software. We have found that open source code and open standards are especially important for creative communities such as ours where interoperability between tools is often crucial for artists to achieve their visions. We encourage other developers of creative technology and artists themselves to share their low-level knowledge and support the adoption of open standards in their work.

Below you can find links to some of the significant projects that we are particularly proud to maintain and sponsor.

Much of the low level code for VDMX can be found in the VVOpenSource project which is maintained by our own Ray Cutler. In particular you can find the code for our MIDI, OSC and OpenGL backends to use in your own Mac and iOS apps. This project also contains several example applications such as the OSCTestApp and MIDIviaOSC tools that are also useful for non-developers.

The Hap video codecs are an open standard for high performance movie playback originally created in collaboration with Tom Butterworth. Today Hap is supported cross-platform by over 20 different applications and creative coding environments.

Related to this, our free AVFBatchExporter Mac app utility for converting movies into Hap and other standard formats is also open source.

Interactive Shader Format (aka ISF) is an open format for GLSL based video generators and image filters that we created for use in VDMX. ISF based shaders now can be used in a handful of VJ softwares, as well as with OpenFrameworks and on the web. Developers looking to add ISF support to their Mac and iOS can applications can find example code in the ISFKit portion of VVOpenSource. Artists can get started with ISF using the online editor or Mac desktop editor.

The code for our FreeFrame plugin loader can be found in the VVFFGL project. This framework was commissioned by VIDVOX and written by vade and bangnoise.

We are proud sponsors of the Syphon framework for video sharing between applications on OS X. The introduction of Syphon into our community has reshaped what is possible for visual artists working on the Mac and we are looking forward to continued support of its future development.

Lastly, there are several open source libraries that we are unaffiliated with but do make use of in our own work. We'd like to additionally thank developers like Mike Ash, Dave DeLong, John Engelhart, the libartnet team and the countless others who have shared their code online for us to benefit from.