Using the Built-In VDMX OSCQuery Browser

The OSCQuery protocol makes it easy for software that supports OSC to access each others parameters for remote control, without a lengthy setup process. Within VDMX there are a few ways to take advantage of this and in this tutorial we will focus on using the built-in OSCQuery Browser window which can be used to browse the address space of a server, send OSC messages and add OSC sending elements to our workspace.

The built-in OSCQuery Browser Window can be opened from the Window menu or by using the cmd+5 keyboard shortcut. From this panel you can access, browse and search the namespaces of other applications. For each of the listed OSC address destinations at the remote server you can:

  • Use the provided interface control to quickly send test data.

  • Dragged the listed item on to UI elements in VDMX (such as sliders, buttons, and color wheels – this also works with the list of variables in the Cue List plugin inspector) to automatically configure OSC sending to the remote hosts.

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