Quartz Composer Sources Published Inputs

Materials: What you need for this tutorial.


  1. Quartz Composer

The completed example VDMX project and Quartz Composer patch for this tutorial can be downloaded here.

Step 1: Add an Input Splitter object from the Library and set the data type in the Inspector Window.

From the Quartz Composer floating Inspector, under the Settings section make sure to set the Type and and any other special parameters.

Depending on the specified Type a different interface control will show up in VDMX. For example, Number inputs appear as sliders, Boolean as button, Index as pop-up menus.

Some input types have additional settings for setting the range and default value that can be set in the inspector.

Step 2: Use the contextual menu (right-click) for the Input Splitter and select the option under 'Publish Inputs'

Repeat this process for each parameter you wish to control from within VDMX.

Step 3: Drag the patch into the media bin in VDMX and trigger it. Published Inputs from patch appear as standard VDMX UI objects.

Also in this series, making custom FX and making custom control plugins with Quartz Composer.