VDMX Question from the forums: How do you set an effect MIDI knob to be off when in the center position?

Download the completed project file for this tutorial.

This question comes to us from the VIDVOX forums, and is most easily explained with a quick demonstration– the goal is to have a MIDI knob that is used to make the video become more pixellated as it is turned left or right, but is a regular pass-through when set to its center point.

In this video we'll show off how to use an LFO plugin in VDMX to create a lookup curve for mapping a MIDI knob to a different range of values to drive our pixellate FX being applied to a layer.

Once you've got the hang of this, move on to the next tutorial lesson on using DJ style EQ knobs with masking FX which includes two custom Quartz Composer compositions that can be tweaked with your own visual style.


Use the data-sources from the LFOs to adjust the levels of one or more FX at a time with a single MIDI knob.

Right-click to add waveforms and lookup curves to the LFO plugin.

From the UI Inspector add a "Mark" at the 0.5 position on the time slider to easily jump to the exact center value by mouse click.