Free video clips from our summer intern Shannon!

New video clips for your VDMX media bin

This summer we've been fortunate to have Shannon from Pratt interning with us making sample video loops–

Each week so far we've given her a different style or theme to work with and over the last month she's put together four different clip packs that are now available for download using the links below.

Download: Clip Set 1 – Simple Shapes

These clips are all based on the theme of grayscale geometric shapes. They are kept simple and basically black and white so they can be more easily implemented with other clips. Other videos can fully take the place of the white shapes through alpha channels so experiment away with what cool effects you may be able to create while combining these loops with yours.

Download: Clip Set 2 – Color Shapes

This group of loops stemmed from the idea of the early 1990’s show called Saved by the Bell. The loops share a similar color palette to the show and sometimes even some common themes or shapes that reminded me of the 90’s. The loops are totally trippin’!

Download: Clip Set 3 – Shifting Shapes

This assembly of clips was inspired by optical illusions. From the Impossible Staircase to the Fraser Spiral, these loops will have your brains entranced, especially when you add in other clips and colors.

Download: Clip Set 4 – Glitch

These loops are based off of computer glitches. They are abstract and random like any kind of glitch could be. This kind of clip would be interesting to play into other clips with. All of the variations of white and black will pick up overlays in unexpected ways.

These clips are free to use and already encoded in PhotoJPEG to use in the VJ app of your choice.

If you've got any suggestions for the next round of summertime assignments for Shannon let us know in the comments!