The history of VDMX in images

The history of VDMX dates back to the late 1990's when Johnny Dekam with creating his own software tools for live visual performance. VDMX was started as a follow up to Prophet, his first software release as VIDVOX. Over the next 20 years the project would grow through many iterations to become the software that it is today, including switching to becoming a native macOS app in 2005 and then helping create industry standards like HAP and ISF over the course of the development.

Here we will take a look at the evolution of this project and some of the major release versions since the beginning through images.

Old versions of VDMX and the development of VDMX5

The first set of images chronicle the early stages of VDMX through its beginnings in Max/MSP (first using the infamous “Nato.0+55+3d” plugins, then later SoftVNS), its transition into a native macOS application, and then the changes that it has went through in early beta releases of the current version.

Screenshots from the latest VDMX5

On the VDMX Facebook group we've been asking people to share screenshots of their setups created with the latest version of for us to check out and here are some of our favorites.

We love to hear about projects that involve VDMX and to see these behind the scenes images so please feel free to contact us with images and videos of your own work.

What will future versions of VDMX look like? Only time will tell!