Behind the scenes of Minuek visuals with MÙM at Looking Outside My Window Festival

From one of our favorite regular guests Minuek comes this stunningly beautiful collaboration with Tupac Martirs and a huge production team to create the visuals for Múm at the Looking Outside My Window Festival.

Below, a few images and some videos from the performance followed by an explanation from Minuek about how the project came to be and his techniques for getting ready for the show.

I was recently invited to perform at Tupac Martirs, Looking Outside My Window Festival in London. The event combine music, art, visuals, performance, dance, cuisine and cinema.

For the Saturday night event I worked alongside lighting director Bambi Buneo first creating visuals for a short set by Bruno Zamborlin and Plaid using Mogees ( For this set I ran single Quartz Composer patch that slowly developed for the duration of the set.

The main event of the night was the performance from Múm, All the video had been created created in the 2 weeks before the show after receiving the set list and rendered out in the Hap codec using QTZ Rendang. The benefit of this is the ability to use very high amounts of iteration for building complex scenes. I normally prefer to use as many Quartz patches live as possible. For this show working with a band like Múm required a much more planned process. Working to the setlist I created clips for each track and made heavy use of the Layer Mask.fs effect.

VDMX set up was a 2 channel mixer with 4 Layer on each side. One Layer with the Layer Mask.fs applied to each side and using a Livid Ohm to control all effects and fades live. Other .fs effect used were VVMotion Blur, False Color and Displacement Distortion.

New free video clips from Minuek

Earlier this week one of our favorite Quartz Composer gurus Minuek shared two new sets of free video loops over on his blog. Aside from being solid clips for VJing, we thought they were particularly noteworthy because they were made using QC compositions and recorded as real-time output,

With the Space World clips i was really trying to make something that looked like it wasn't made in Quartz Composer. I had been discussing QC with someone and they said you can always tell it's made in Quartz so i set out to change that. When i first posted some pictures plenty of people were curious if its was all quartz. 

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