Music Video Feature: Uncle Skeleton's “Jeux” by MKAV

This past week in our inbox was a link to an amazingly beautiful abstract music video for the song Jeux off Uncle Skeleton's new album Cocoa Beach.

The visual artist who collaborated on this project was Mike Kluge (MKAV), an audio/visual artist living in Nashville, TN who works on freelance projects such as music videos, live visuals, art installations, interactivity, and content for tours told us a bit about how it all came together.

I was contacted by Michael Eades (YK Records) to do content for his label. He offered up a couple tracks, and I decided on Uncle Skeleton, whom I was familiar with and who's work I really enjoy. 

It was understood ahead of time the video for "Jeux" was going to be an abstract visualization of the song, which I think is one of my strongest techniques. I mapped out the parts via MIDI in Ableton and sent them to VDMX. 

I like this technique because after I program the song and effects I can just hit play in Ableton, record the pass and its done. Only one edit happened in the entire video. I grew up editing music and programming midi so this approach is intuitive and convenient for me. 

The hardware used was Macbook pro, alias 8 midi controller, analog video devices and for software VDMX, Ableton & Max/Msp/Jitter.

MKAV studio setup

VDMX Setup for making Jeux music video

If you enjoyed this be sure to check out the MKAV website next to see more more of Mike's visual work.