Graffmapping in NYC

Every week we receive emails from people who want to share their work with us (keep it coming!) and a few days ago the Graffmapping team sent us a link to this video showing off their recent exploration into merging the ideas from video mapping and graffiti to project visuals in public spaces.

The Graffmapping team tells us more about the project and where it is going next,

Graffmapping was born as a new audiovisual language that fuses videomapping and our passion for graffiti. New technologies give us the possibility to take these two languages beyond the predetermined space spectrum and use them to interact with all the elements that define the modern city.

Departing from this concept, the project "TAKE OVER" was born, emerging from the meaning of the term itself, "to take control". Just as graffiti takes over space and videomapping transforms it, we maintain this original concept of night action and make interventions to assume "control" over the best spots in the cities.

Each city manifests its style, form and methodology. These 3 elements constitute the fundamental pillars for the development of our project. Depending on the distinctive style of each city, we materialize a piece with a unique shape and, with each intervention, we generate an ephemeral dialogue. We collect footage of the city: its signaling grids, roads, tunnels, architecture, sunsets and human interaction that we find interesting and, ultimately, generate unique visuals for our interventions.

At the end of 2016 we were in New York City, we had also conducted previous interventions in Venice and the Canaries. We are now working on the next one that will take place in Shanghai.

We started off by hand-sketching the lettering piece on paper and then developed the final project in Illustrator. Afterwards, we exported the file on svg in order to adjust it to get laser-cut in wood.

Finally, we developed all the clips on AE and projected with VDMX and MadMapper.

If you dig this project you can follow the progress of Graffmapping on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.