7UP Teams Martin Garrix With Fake Love To Create Awesome Concert For The Deaf

Here's another feature from our friend Blair Neal over at Fake Love. A few months ago they were brought on by 7UP for the task of working with famed EDM musician Martin Garrix to create an immersive concert experience for an audience of deaf students. What they came up with is bound to inspire some new ideas for concerts everywhere.

"Motion, vibration, visual-wise… I got in this room and stepped on one of those vibrating platforms and played a note and I got scared. They gave me a backpack which vibrates the music, makes the vibrations stronger," says Garrix. "For me, I've been thinking about which songs I should play, which songs I love that have the lower frequency, which songs have drive in it."

And of course lucky for us there is a behind the scenes video with the team explaining some of the techniques they used to make the show happen. Looks like some VDMX alongside custom OpenFrameworks apps being used to control some very cool hardware solutions including vibration platforms and water-based sound visualizers.

You can find out more about the show over on the 7UP Music site.