Video Fundamentals – Part 3 – Visual FX

Once a video is playing, the next step in the process of visual performance is to apply real-time FX to each frame to change the way it looks before it is shown to the audience.

In some cases the FX being used are in a utility function, for example a Color Correction filter makes it possible to adjust the contrast, saturation, and brightness levels when calibrating projectors. Others are designed to stylize the image to match a particular aesthetic such as glitch or film.

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Video Fundamentals – Part 1 – General Workflow

Since the first introduction of our new blog almost a year ago the number of topics covered has grown to include a wide variety of subjects that at this point you could almost write an entire class on VJing and live video techniques from our tutorials.

With this in mind, rather than trying to teach how to use VDMX to new potential users, we've started to put together a new “Introduction to Video Fundamentals” curriculum that focuses on the basic knowledge needed to get started. While these ideas are usually demonstrated with VDMX, a lot of the underlying techniques are generally translatable to other software and hardware for video and lighting production.

In part two of this series (stay tuned) we'll start to look at some more advanced topics for putting all of this together along case studies and tips from the pros in the field.

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