Saving and Loading Section Presets

Section presets are per-UI item (per-slider, per-plugin, etc) presets- they affect only the item which they belong to. This tutorial covers the basics of using the Section Preset UI Item to save and restore settings.

Also in this series: an in depth look at section presets (video + notes) and creating local slider presets.

The project file for this tutorial can be downloaded here.

Step 1: Click the '+' button to store the current settings as a new preset.

One of the empty preset boxes in the UI will be filled with a new preset with an automatically assigned name.

Step 2: To reload the preset click on its name in the UI.

Step 3: Use the UI inspector to rename, delete, update and assign shortcuts to individual presets.

The Section Preset UI for a Quartz Composer source being customized using the UI Inspector.

Section Presets being used in layer FX chains, LFO, and Audio Analysis.