Setting up Media Bin Sync with TouchOSC

One of the first and most popular apps on iOS for remotely controlling the visuals running on your Mac is TouchOSC from Hexler which allows for customizing which controls are accessible from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and configure their layout. In this tutorial we look at the 'Sync UI' option in the Media Bin for updating the display of buttons and button grids in TouchOSC as movies are triggered in VDMX.

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Exporting Motion projects as Hap Alpha movies to use with VDMX

​While VDMX itself is an application for creating real-time visuals, eventually most VJs and other visual artists have some use for  other types of video software such as non-linear editors (iMovie, FCP, Premiere) or motion graphics generators (Motion, After Effects) to create pre-made footage to use during performance.​

In this tutorial we look at exporting movies from Apple Motion to use in VDMX and including the alpha channel by using the 'Hap Alpha' codec. The same basic idea can be used with other motion graphics software such as Adobe After Effects.​

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Valentines Day Starter Project

Getting ready for your Valentines Day gig?

Here's a quick starter project for VDMX that includes a simple particle generator Quartz Composer composition that rains down hearts over a live camera input or movie loops to add an extra bit of special something-something to the visuals.

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