Job: VDMX5 Support and Promotion 

About the role

VIDVOX is looking for an articulate and motivated individual to help us in a part-time freelance capacity with various day to day tasks related to promoting and supporting our totally awesome and amazing VJ software VDMX5. In this position you will work with us to develop educational materials to help new and existing customers learn how to use the software and prepare articles for our blog that feature the artists who are doing amazing work with it.

We are based in NYC and ideally would find someone to work with in the area, but we are open to finding a person who can work remotely, particularly someone who has interesting ideas on how to reach more people in their region.

In this role you would initially be responsible for preparing enough blog posts and tutorials such that items can be posted to the website once or twice a week. To begin we plan to work with someone on a per post basis in a freelance capacity on our blog / tutorials site with the potential for it growing into a more regular part-time position to include more tasks such as directly helping users on the forums.

Required Skills / How they apply to this job

– Extensive experience with using VDMX to create live visuals
    • Create new tutorials demonstrating features.
    • Create new templates for VDMX, e.g. starter setups based around specific MIDI / OSC devices.
    • Come up with ideas for new tutorials demonstrating concepts and workflow techniques.
    • Familiarity with other tools commonly used for live visuals, lighting design and sound production.

– Strong communications skills
    • Ability to perform interviews with VDMX users who will be featured on the blog and write articles about them.
    • Politely helping users and managing topics on the VIDVOX forums; and as needed following up with the development team for bug reports, etc.

– Ability to use a NLE such as FCP or Premiere
    • Some tutorials and blog posts involve creating videos that require some basic editing.
    • Knowledge of how to compress and upload videos to youtube / Vimeo / etc.

– Familiarity with blogging software (e.g. squarespace or Wordpress or html) and / or basic web design
    • Some background in blogging or writing for the web would be useful.
    • Ability to layout the content for a tutorial / blog post that includes text / images / video so it doesn’t look like a total mess.

Getting the job

To apply, send an email to – include your current resume and any applicable links you’d like us to check out. This can include your demo reel or documentation from shows you’ve done, an overview of your current rig, or anything else that might help us get to know you better. We’d also love to hear about how you got into doing live visuals and why you think you’d be a good fit for this role.

If we like what we see, we'll schedule a video chat / screen share where we can ask you to walk us through various parts of VDMX and how you might explain them to a new user. We lean heavily toward task-based interviews to help us understand your skill level, strengths and possible weak areas. Our goal isn't to have you implement complex setups, but to see how you think and give you problems you would actually encounter at work and then have a conversation about it.